From a Residential REALTOR®’s Dilemma To $$

Less dilemmas,
More happy clients


A residential REALTOR®’s best client needed commercial help and commercial real estate was not her area of expertise. She knew the NAR Code of Ethics warning” … REALTORS® shall not undertake to provide specialized professional services concerning a type of property or service that is outside their field of competence…”. She could just tell them she didn’t do commercial or she could refer them to someone. But who? Her clients expected the same standard of service and expertise that she provided on residential transactions. Who could she trust to take care of her clients the way she did?


The agent referred her client to Patrick. Unlike other commercial brokers, Patrick had a reputation for responsiveness and being easy to work with. It was also important that Patrick & his team didn’t compete with her—they didn’t sell residential real estate. Patrick met with her clients and identified several potential sites for their new office. They knew once they met him that it was a perfect fit and Patrick would take excellent care of them.


  • Patrick negotiated a below market rate & generous buildout allowance allowing her client to come in ahead of schedule and under budget.
  • Residential REALTOR® received a very nice referral fee.
  • The agent’s client told her how appreciative they were of Patrick’s knowledge & expertise

As a top producer in Residential Real Estate, I pride myself on being able to handle my clients with the trust and integrity that I would expect for myself. When my clients call me for their Commercial Real Estate needs, this is an area that I am a fish out of water. I can safely rely on Patrick. He knows commercial real estate inside and out; the terms, the contracts, the players and how to analyze commercial deals. He understands things like BOMA, NRA, NNN, CAM etc. As a CCIM his financial expertise ensures my clients get the best deal. He has proven to be that person I can trust! Clients have relied on me as the standard for doing business when buying or selling a home and they expect I will find them that same type of support on the commercial side. Patrick, you have met and exceeded their expectations and mine. I appreciate all you do and will continue to refer my clients to you when it comes to Commercial Real Estate. Thanks a Million!