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RE/MAX Commercial Advisors is the premier commercial real estate team in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding area. With over 20 years in business, while living, working, and playing in the city, we understand the local market better than anyone else.

We are proud to offer our commercial real estate brokerage and advisory services in a broad range of locations, enabling us to provide incomparable service to all kinds of property owners, landlords, buyers, tenants, and investors.

We have access to countless local markets and regional submarkets, allowing us to efficiently serve large-scale and small-scale investments. By offering comprehensive market research, sophisticated transaction planning analysis, highly experienced negotiators, cutting-edge marketing approaches, and more, we provide a level of service that surpasses the competition.

Houston, Texas

Houston is one of the nation’s healthiest commercial real estate markets. The city has a wide range of offerings, from office and industrial space to retail properties and multifamily units. The market has seen steady growth over the past few years, with more companies choosing to invest in Houston due to its strong economy and business-friendly environment.

Houston was recently rated as having one of the most robust rent growth rates in any major US city over the last five years, indicating that demand for quality property remains high in the area. Finally, average vacancy rates remain low across most submarkets, which suggests that there is still plenty of demand for new space. This combination bodes well for existing property owners and those looking to enter this rapidly growing market.

Spring, Texas

It is a growing community in the Houston metropolitan area, and its commercial real estate market is on the rise. The city is seeing a range of development, from single-family homes to retail, office, and industrial space. Spring’s population has been steadily increasing since the early 2000s, and that growth is reflected in its office leasing activity.

The demand for industrial space in Spring has also been strong due to its connection to major highways like I-45, US 59, and Hardy Toll Road, making it easy for businesses to distribute products nationally or internationally.

With more people relocating here, there will be more demand for retail space, which can provide potential investors with great opportunities if they make wise decisions while investing in this market sector.

Tomball, Texas

It is known for its commercial real estate boom and has become an increasingly attractive market for investors in recent years. The city’s economy is primarily driven by oil refining and petrochemicals, providing a solid base of industry and commerce. Additionally, the city has seen significant retail, hospitality, and medical growth.

Rental rates have increased due to rising demand and limited space availability, while vacancy rates remain low in most neighborhoods. There is also an abundance of industrial properties, with more than 150 million square feet available in the area. This offers opportunities for expansion and development to businesses, both large and small.

Overall, Tomball’s commercial real estate market remains vibrant and draws interest from investors looking to capitalize on its many benefits.

The Woodlands, Texas

It is quickly becoming desirable for commercial real estate investments and developments. The city has seen an impressive surge in business growth over the past five years, with new commercial centers popping up all over the area.

In addition to its low tax rates and favorable economic environment, The Woodlands also boasts a high-quality workforce and robust infrastructure. All of these factors have contributed to its blossoming commercial real estate market.

The Woodlands’ commercial real estate market is characterized by a wide range of properties, from office spaces to retail outlets. Investors can find plenty of opportunities that meet their goals and budget, whether they’re looking for prime locations or more affordable options.

Magnolia, Texas

Located within easy reach of Houston and its surrounding metropolitan areas, it provides a centralized location with access to ample amenities and services.

As the population continues to grow, demand for housing, retail locations, and office space increases accordingly. This increased demand has made Magnolia an attractive place for real estate investors looking for a long-term investment that can generate significant returns over time. The town’s position as a hub for business and industry also makes it desirable to potential tenants.

Magnolia’s commercial real estate market offers plenty of opportunities for savvy investors and potential tenants alike. With abundant available land and low taxes, newcomers can easily find the perfect space to fit their needs.

Cypress, Texas

It is a rapidly growing suburban area in Houston. With its proximity to major economic engines such as the Port of Houston and the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Cypress has become a hub for commercial development. This growth has attracted many investors and businesses looking to cash in on the strong real estate market.

Cypress boasts a robust and healthy economy with plenty of potential for commercial real estate investments. The city’s population has been steadily increasing, and new businesses have moved into the area. Cypress’ infrastructure is expanding at a rapid pace, with other highways being planned to provide access to more areas of Houston and beyond.

These factors contribute to Cypress’ attractive commercial real estate market trends, making it an excellent place for investors seeking returns on their investments over time.

Katy, Texas

It is a rapidly growing city and commercial real estate market situated near the outskirts of Houston. As such, Katy has seen an influx of large and small businesses, creating an increased demand for retail and office space. Its geographic location between two major cities – Houston and San Antonio – makes it prime for business growth and development.

Recently, many businesses have relocated or expanded into Katy due to its attractive prospects for commercial real estate investments. Overall, there is an abundant opportunity available within this thriving commercial real estate market, and investors can expect a high potential return on their investments in the near future.

Waller, Texas

It is an ideal location for businesses looking to expand their presence. The town offers many commercial real estate opportunities, from small retail stores to sprawling industrial complexes.

Regarding commercial real estate trends, Waller has seen significant growth over the last few years due to several factors. Prices for commercial land have steadily increased as demand continues to rise. Low rents and the availability of skilled labor in the local market draw businesses. In addition, there are plenty of incentives available from local and state governments designed to support businesses that choose Waller as their home base.

With its current market trends, Waller provides an excellent opportunity for those businesses looking to take advantage of its growing economy.

Conroe, Texas

It is an up-and-coming city in the Montgomery County region that offers a growing commercial real estate market. In recent years, the city has experienced a notable surge of new businesses, and its residential population has grown by 9.5% since 2010. This increase in growth has created an influx of investors eager to capitalize on the increased demand for commercial real estate in Conroe.

The addition of new businesses and residential development is expected to drive further increases in rental prices over the next few years, making it an attractive option for property owners and investors alike.

Additionally, Conroe’s proximity to Houston provides access to a large pool of potential tenants attracted to its strong economic base and favorable cost of living compared to surrounding cities.