The Broker Matters



A Seller recently sold two office buildings in a flat market. The agent he hired took almost a year to sell them. Now he needed to sell two more identical buildings–in the same market. The problem? Now there was 11% higher vacancy and over 48,000 more additional feet of inventory available. In other words, the Seller was faced with the prospect of longer time to sell, less money or both…. He needed a better answer. He needed a better Broker


Patrick was referred to the Seller by his accountant. Over his 16-year career as a commercial real estate professional, he had become skilled at identifying the highest and best uses for various types of properties and tailoring a marketing campaign that gets the properties in front of the perfect pool of buyers. Patrick took a mental snap shot of the situation and went to work. He studied the market, developing a marketing campaign to emphasize the property attributes that would appeal to the perfect buyer. He aggressively marketed and promoted each building domestically and internationally using professional photography, digital distribution, print marketing materials and video.


In a market with an average time on market of over 303 days, the Seller sold and closed on both properties in 79 days, achieving 100% of his list price.

Patrick did an amazing job. He sold the properties in record time and I wish I would have used him with the others. I highly recommend him and plan on using Patrick and RE/MAX Commercial Advisors for an upcoming project.

Beau A.