Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Commercial Advisors, our agents, brokers and employees, have been inspired by our surrounding community to give back and pour into that same community. Here, we believe we have a responsibility to help make our city better and to assist those in need.

Because of this conviction, we actively support:

Children’s Miracle Network ( )

Camp Hope, PTSD Foundation of America ( ).

What’s your heart?

In an effort to expand our reaches, we offer our clients the opportunity to partner with us to help a charity of their choice. So, what’s your burden? What is your heart? Tell us. We would love to help.

“Come friends, it is not too late to seek a newer world.”
― Ulysses Lord Alfred Tennyson

“How will people remember you when you are gone? And for how long until they forget? Were you selfish or selfless? Did you add value to the world, or did you simply take from it? Were you Meaningful or meaningless? …”

― Suzy Kassem